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Forward Momentum

Slowly but surely progress is being made in regards to New Hope Christian School! Over the past couple weeks, we were able to speak with the Fire Marshal’s office and found out that Highlawn Baptist Church in St. Albans has been deemed an “Existing Educational Occupancy”, which negates the need for a sprinkler system. As such, all that needs to be put in place will be a fire alarm system – and there is a partial system already installed on the elevator which may be able to be expanded.

This Sunday, June 14th, Mr. Davis and Shawn Davis – his father and a member of the current board – will meet with the congregation of Highlawn. Up to this point, all meetings have taken place with the pastor and members of his leadership team. Our job Sunday evening will be to answer questions posed by the congregation, after which the congregation will vote in the near future as to whether or not NHCS can inhabit their building. Pray for us as this meeting takes place, that God will guide our thoughts and that if it is His will that we are able to open up at Highlawn that He’ll make it clear to the congregation. As I’ve said before to both the board and members of Highlawn’s leadership, if we do not have 100% cooperation from the congregation I won’t be comfortable opening a school there, as “…a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” (I Cor. 5:6) and dissenting opinions have a tendency to spread causing trouble down the line.

Apologies for the shortness of this update, but please be in prayer as we continue moving forward!


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