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Just wanted to send out another quick update!

Last night, Pastor Shawn Davis, Jennie Lawrence, Giles Bowman (a gentleman who is possibly interested in teaching at New Hope Christian School and provisory board member), and I met with a portion of the congregation of Highlawn Baptist Church. The meeting went very favorably, and the church will be voting by ballot over the coming week with an answer for us about using their facilities being presented hopefully by next Sunday. I’ll be making a video to send to the congregation within the next couple days, including a lot of the information we spoke about last night. In addition, I would love to have some 1-minute “testimonials” from parents or students who would like to speak about why Christian education is important or how it has affected your life. If you would be interested in taking part, send me an e-mail at and we’ll work out a way that we can get that video from you!

Keep praying that God’s Will will be accomplished and that the folks at Highlawn will give the matter serious consideration and prayer!


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