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Organization, Finances, Enrollment, Oh, My!

First things first, if you are on Facebook and want more frequent updates (as well as videos that I have posted), join the New Hope Christian School Facebook Group (the group is private, so you will have to be approved by an admin or other member)!

Things have been moving forward quickly this past week! The Board met on Tuesday, officially voted to form a corporation, and voted in Giles Bowman as our fifth board member.

That night, I filed paperwork with the WV Secretary of State and founded New Hope Christian School, Inc. DBA New Hope Christian School and our registration was accepted on Thursday!

Friday, I set up a new website for the school at, and opened an enrollment form (see that here). At the time of writing this (Saturday night), we’ve received enrollment from 10 students!

Saturday morning, I sat down with a banker at Chase, opened a bank account, and also started setting up payment processing via WaveApps. We’ll be able to accept, debit/credit cards and ACH (as many of you have asked for before), as well as checks and cash.

So, where does that leave us now?

If you are planning to send your child(ren) to New Hope Christian School, please fill out the enrollment form! This form allows us to get an accurate student count, and will help us to be able to prepare a budget to account for teacher salaries, facilities/utilities, and other monthly and daily expenses.

I will be sending out invoices sometime next week for those who have filled out the enrollment form, so please keep an eye on your e-mail!

As always, continue to pray for New Hope Christian School! The rubber seems to be meeting the road, but continue to pray that God’s Will will be accomplished in all that we do!

– Mr. Davis

PS. Here are links to the video updates form the past couple weeks:
Update 07-10-2020:


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