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Organization, Finances, Enrollment, Oh, My!

First things first, if you are on Facebook and want more frequent updates (as well as videos that I have posted), join the New Hope Christian School Facebook Group (the group is private, so you will have to be approved by an admin or other member)! Things have been moving forward quickly this past week!Continue reading “Organization, Finances, Enrollment, Oh, My!”


Measure Passed!

I received a call from Pastor Robbins at Highlawn Baptist Church that the measure for New Hope Christian School to rent the facilities at Highlawn has passed! Sixty-five ballots were received with 72% voting in the affirmative. Likely, the coming days will be very busy! The process we’re looking at now is:1.) Forming an LLCContinue reading “Measure Passed!”


Just wanted to send out another quick update! Last night, Pastor Shawn Davis, Jennie Lawrence, Giles Bowman (a gentleman who is possibly interested in teaching at New Hope Christian School and provisory board member), and I met with a portion of the congregation of Highlawn Baptist Church. The meeting went very favorably, and the churchContinue reading “Meetings…”

Forward Momentum

Slowly but surely progress is being made in regards to New Hope Christian School! Over the past couple weeks, we were able to speak with the Fire Marshal’s office and found out that Highlawn Baptist Church in St. Albans has been deemed an “Existing Educational Occupancy”, which negates the need for a sprinkler system. AsContinue reading “Forward Momentum”

Baby Steps…

In the first post, I mentioned that we were currently in talks with a local church about the possibility of using their facilities. That process has continued on, with members of our board meeting several times with the pastor and some of his leadership members. Over the course of these meetings, the dialog has shiftedContinue reading “Baby Steps…”


Firstly, thank you for your interest in continuing Christian education in the Kanawha Valley! With the closing of South Charleston Christian Academy at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, members of the staff, parents, and concerned community members banded together with the purpose of starting a new Christian school somewhere in the Kanawha Valley.Continue reading “Welcome”

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